The Birth of the Modern Ultrasound Studio

Baby Stream Live was developed by an elective ultrasound studio owner, Nancy Coryell. Nancy owns two studios in Oklahoma. She opened her 1st studio in 2003 and the second one in 2004. Nancy was an IT consultant for 17 years before going into the baby-viewing business. The technology kept improving and the clients needed a better way of getting their pictures and video. Nancy opened so long ago that for the first few years clients received VHS tapes! Then CDs and DVDs. Then Flash Drives, Now, everything is delivered digitally. Giving clients everything digitally is the easiest way!

She hired another IT consultant and they developed a system that would allow studios to deliver everything digitally. Nancy also realized there was a huge need to provide live video streaming for family members that could not attend or lived out of state. Eventually, Nancy made this service available to other ultrasound studios. The system has been through many iterations over the years, as cloud servers became more affordable and smartphones became the standard. Originally called Anticipation Baby VIews and now renamed Baby Stream Live. It keeps getting better and better!

pregnant mother reading 4d result round

What Makes Baby Stream Live Different?

Baby Stream Live was developed to be easy to use while providing a high-tech solution for elective ultrasound studios looking for an innovative method of providing images and video to their clients. The average person no longer wants or can even play a DVD or CD as most new computers don’t facilitate these formats. Flash drives are an option but are cumbersome to prepare for the client and branded drives are expensive. Clients want everything delivered to their smartphones. We can help make that happen.

Instead of relying on additional hardware, like USB drives, Baby Stream Live allows ultrasound studios to provide all the images and video digitally to their clients. With many families being geographically distanced, this technology also allows friends and family that aren’t nearby to participate through live streaming. The best part? It works with all major devices, including Android, iPhones, laptops, Macs, and tablets!

Ready to Get Started?

Taking your elective ultrasound studio to the next level is easy when you sign up with Baby Stream Live. When you are ready to take the next step to an easier way to deliver the ultrasound media, our team will ensure you have everything you need to get started. We will waive setup fees and give you your first month free to see how impactful this technology can be.